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Erard Grand Piano For Sale  

All Piano Enquiries call +44 (0) 113 2448344 and ask for Steven Leeming
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If you are interested in this Erard grand piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
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Erard Grand Piano For Sale with a Rosewood and Sapele Mahogany Case with Brass Ormolu Inlay

Erard grand piano for sale with a rosewood and sapele mahogany case with brass ormolu inlay.

An Erard grand piano with a rosewood case. Cabinet features stunning sapele mahogany panels accented by brass ormolu stringing inlay. Ornate brass ormolu surrounds the case edge and piano legs.

Erard pianos was established in 1777 in Paris, France. Sebastian Erard is renowned for numerous innovations in the development of the piano. One is the introduction of the "agraffe", a perforated piece of metal behind the wrest-plank. The string passes through this then to the tuning pin. The agraffe has the dual purpose of defining the sounding-length of the string exactly and maintaining string tension. Erard was also known for the introduction of the "repetition action" a mechanism that held the hammer near the string after striking a note to allow playing of rapid repeated notes without the hammer falling back to its rest position.

Reference Number: 1936


Serial Number: 49105
Age: 1876
Wood: Rosewood and Sapele Mahogany
Finish: Polished
Size [cm]: length: 184   width: 140
Size [inches]: length:   width:
Description: Eighty-five note keyboard.
Price: As Is: £4000
Price: Restored: £15,000
This piano comes with the Besbrode Pianos Warranty.
Price includes:
  • First tuning free. Usually 4 weeks after piano delivery to allow "settling in".
  • Free adjustable piano stool
  • Free delivery to a ground floor residence within mainland UK.
Besbrode Pianos Warranty
RESTORED: Tuned, Cleaned, Regulated. All strings replaced. Soundboard repaired where necessary. Frame coated. All hammer heads renewed. New dampers and leathers replaced where necessary. Keys Tops cleaned or replaced. Case stripped and repolished to an excellent standard.
Erard  Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano manufacturers logo on fall

Erard  Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano music desk

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano lyre with sapele mahogany and brass ormolu inlay

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard instrument

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano serial number

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano lidstay

Erard  Grand Piano for sale.

Erard brass ormolu detail

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard birds eye maple interior

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard's Medal of Honour from the Paris Expo 1867

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard sapele mahogany detail

Erard Grand Piano for sale.

Erard piano leg with sapele mahogany and brass ormolu stringing inlay with a trompe d'oeil fluted leg effect

This piano comes with a free piano stool:
Besbrode Pianos Free Piano Stool.  Six buttons on cushion. Free Standard, Adjustable Piano Stool
Piano Stool Upgrades:
Besbrode Pianos Adjustable, Real Leather, Concert Piano Stool. Brass studs around cushion. Eight buttons on cushion. Adjustable, Real Leather, Concert Piano Stool - Available in black and brown
PRICE: £350.00 + VAT
Besbrode Pianos Bespoke Piano Stool Bespoke, Adjustable Piano Stool - Available in different finishes and leg styles - This is an example of a burr walnut finish
PRICE: £1000.00 + VAT
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"Our thanks must go to you and your company for all your help with our event and for helping it achieve the results we were looking for. The piano looked and sounded excellent on the night".
Caroline Roberts, Living Life Campaign
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Prices may be subject to change. Please verify with vendor prior to purchase.
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