Piano Valuations Service - Our valuation service is ideal for insurance purposes

All piano enquiries call Steven on Tel: +44 (0) 113 244 8344 or email:

Piano Valuations Service

Piano Valuations Service

Do you own a piano and wonder how much it might be worth
or are you thinking of freeing up some assets?

Many people have a piano sitting in their home and may wonder about its value. Our piano valuation service is useful if you are thinking of selling your piano privately or in an auction. A realistic estimate on the current value of your piano will help you proceed with confidence. Our valuation service is equally useful for insurance purposes

In order for us to provide a valuation please complete steps 1,2,3 and 4

1. Please take photos of the piano you wish to be valued. In order to offer a true valuation of your piano, We will require a photo of the outside of the case and a photo of the instrument. Please include photos of any known damage to the piano as this will impact the piano's value.

2. We will require just a bit more information to provide a valuation. Please include the following information in your email

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone
  • Piano Make
  • Serial Number [ If known ]
  • Piano Size [ State the length of a grand piano or height of an upright piano ]
  • When was the piano last tuned? [ If known ]
  • Any comments from your tuner about your piano? [ If known ]
  • Any work done to the piano in your knowledge? [ If known ]
  • Two or three pedals?
  • Number of black and white keys? [ Usually 85 or 88 notes ]
  • Please add any details of known damage to the piano's case or instrument

3. Forward these photos and information to Steven at

4. Our valuation service costs £45.00. You will receive a written document stating the current value of your piano. Please send a cheque payable to Besbrode Pianos Ltd, to Besbrode Pianos, 39 Holbeck Lane, Leeds, LS119UL. On receipt of your payment a valuation certificate will be sent to your home address.