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The Golden Age of Pianos Exhibition
An Exhibition of Luxurious, Art Cased Pianos
from the Golden Age of Piano Making at Besbrode Pianos Leeds
29 August - 16 September 2012
Free Entry - 10am - 4pm - Mon to Sat

  The Golden Age of Pianos Exhibition at Besbrode Pianos Leeds:

"The Golden Age of Pianos" An exhibition of unique, art cased pianos from the height of European piano making. As official partners of "the Leeds 2012", Besbrode Pianos transported a collection of 21 pianos from across Europe to feature exclusively in The Golden Age of Pianos exhibition, each of artistic and cultural interest. The collection included a piano designed by Peter Behrens (a leading Art Nouveau German artist), Oskar Kaufmann (A Hungarian-Jewish architect), a Broadwood designed by T G Jackson and made for Athelstan Riley's Music Gallery and pianos designed for the Great Exhibitions.
Around the turn of the twentieth century a period of prosperity inspired an interest in culture and the arts. As the only source of music in the home, the domestic importance of the piano was at its peak. At this time the wealthy commissioned bespoke, art cased pianos as visible status symbols to stand as centrepieces in a room. Technical innovation of the instrument had reached its maturity prompting a flourish in custom made, luxurious cases. The breathtaking craftsmanship illustrated by these pianos reflect a climactic time in piano making and stand as monuments to the position of the piano in social history. By 1905, gramophone and disc recordings were available allowing the passive enjoyment of music.
The exhibition was situated at Besbrode Pianos showroom which spans four floors of a Victorian mill based in Leeds. Besbrode Pianos is a specialist piano dealer and wholesaler. With over 250 new and secondhand pianos on display at any time, ready to play and compare, it is one of the UK's largest piano retailers. Agents for Steinway & Sons. The full range of Steinway, Boston and Essex pianos available to purchase. For last 6 years Besbrode Pianos has been official partner to the Leeds International Piano Competition, providing pianos for the competitor's rehearsals.
The Leeds International Piano Competition was founded in 1963, by Dame Fanny Waterman, Marion Thorpe CBE, then the Countess of Harewood, and her late husband, Dr. Geoffrey de Keyser and is now regarded by the international music community as the greatest international piano competition in the world. The Competition has been a springboard for many celebrated musicians including Murray Perahia, Radu Lupu, Andras Schiff and Mitsuko Uchida. The 17th Leeds International Piano Competition 2012 took place from 29 August to 16 September. In 2013 the Leeds International Piano Competition celebrates it 50th anniversary.
This is an online archive of the event.
1. A 1907, Bechstein Model E Grand Piano. Stamped With Trollope & Colls
2. Broadwood Grand Piano, Inlaid with Mother of Pearl, Tortoiseshell and a Variety of Woods
3. Bechstein Model C Grand Piano with a Carved Walnut Case. Cabinet Features Carvings of a Two-Headed Serpent Dragon and Swans.
4. Bluthner Grand Piano For Sale with a Rosewood Case with Intricate Marquetry Inlay
5. Hand-painted, Pleyel Grand Piano Signed by Georges Meunier
6. Rosewood Bechstein Grand Piano with Brass Ormulu Mounts, Previously Owned by William Whitelaw
7. Bechstein Model C Grand Piano with a Mahogany Case Inlaid with an Art Nouveau design
8. Arts and Crafts Ibach Grand Piano Designed by Joseph Cuypers
9. Colonial Style, Steinway Model M Grand Piano Based on Design of Heinrich Steinweg in 1836
10. A 1900, Schiedmayer Grand Piano with an Art-Deco Case. Designed by Peter Behrens
11. Steinway Model B Grand Piano with an Ebonised Case and Unusual Barrel Legs. Designed by Oskar Kaufmann
12. Bluthner Grand Piano formerly owned by Sir Arthur Bliss, Master of the Queens Music
13. A 1903, Ibach upright piano with a rococo style case and gilt detail
14. A Debain et Cie Upright Piano with an Ebonised Case, Intricately Inlaid with Ivory
15. Steinway & Sons Model O Grand Piano with a Satinwood Case, Hand-Painted with a Neoclassical Design
16. A 1921, Erard grand piano with stunning flame mahogany panels. A replica of Marie Antoinette's piano
17. Steinway Model S grand piano designed by Swedish Architect Ivar Tengbom

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